Mittwoch, 12. April 2017

Meaning of books

One day the 8 year old Madison from Cleveland said in her speech about books: “The world needs books. The world would be black and white without books”
She eight-year-old girl, has already recognized which meaning books have.
But today many people are another opinion. Daily I hear at school:
"Again a new book? I would never spend money on something like that.”
“So many sides? Nevertheless, this is absolutely dull”
Or also: "I rather wait till the film appears"
and today I would like to talk about this subject: the meaning of books in a world in which they become more and more insignificant for the inhabitants.
But for me reading is like breathing. Because when you read a book you can travel the world, you can be a hero, a vampire, a badass, a mermaid, a queen, a fighter or you can even fall in love with the characters. When we read we can be anywhere, anybody or in anytime.
You suffer with them, laugh with them, you see them fail, but they always get up again and fight.
The books are able to motivate you, to make you feel better, to cheer you up or make you cry and As one once said: “a reader lives thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”
The best known film lands are based on known books like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? How many of you had read the books and did not only saw the film?
J. K Rowling, George R. Martin and JRR Tolkien have created worlds which inspire us and which we love. Also after a long time they have not got oblivion and are still very present.
However, we forget most films after a short time, because they cannot so inspire to us in a way books could. Films have lost the magic of the books.
But books do not have only an entertainment function. There are many Lexica’s or also non-fiction books in those we sometimes read only because we are interested and sometimes because we need it for school.
These books serve for the fact that we can educate further ourselves and new discoveries to be able to make.
We read because we are interested what stands in the books and not only because we have to do it.
Many children in Africa wish to be able to read and to go to school and learn something. They estimate the few books which they have, while with many of us do not know what they should do with them. How many of you read books regularly and not only for school or job?
But Books are not always only for the school or for own pleasure. They also treat important subjects like discrimination, terrorism, hate or homosexuality even that sometimes based on real incidents. Books can help the people who are in the same situation.
At the moment the book “the hate you gave” is very famous and is often discussed. It is about racial discrimination in the USA and about a black man who was shot by the police without reason. 
Because Books describe the truth of certain states they can help to open the eyes and to draw the attention to problematic subjects.
Books have different meanings and every meaning is important. A book to the entertainment helps you to escape from the everyday life, a non-fiction book helps you to form you and a real-based book helps you and the others to open the eyes. It is important that we read more and that we let us inspire by the magic of books.

written by Sunny Wonderbookland

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